Character introduction

This year like every year before since high school Its that weekend that you look forward to every year, its not quite gen-con but you get together, put on costumes, drink a lot of mead, and have a blast at the renne faire.  You dress in the costumes that your friend Judy has made you piece by piece and you head up state for a pretty dfay of haning out hit on girls drink mead and from the flask you brought with you.  everyone did well with the games and thats when about 2 in the afternoon. at the end of the park. 

There was the kids size wooden D&D roller coaster which you crammed yourselves one or two into cars designed for children as you entered the first turn and went into the enclosed fun house it became the most intense and scary roller coaster that you had ever been on. then slam into the wooden cart and the bar and wood shattering. 

 the muddy grass was soft with rain and prevented real injury and as you looked around for the carny to kick the shit out of you realize that but for you and the remains of the cars you were in now shattered there is no one around the cars.  Where are you and what adventure awaits. 

new skill: knowledge: gamer skill / metagaming (int) 
gives you a chance of your character knowing what you know.  dont break the game.  dont argue with me, if we all consense that you know then okay otherwise roll and dont argue. 


Current Game

Garethedel GMonger derleierman