General information

This has general Pc information not a particular PC


these are started characters please feel free to change or roll up another for the first adventure.

Fighter – Paul
You were a troubled teen in need of discipline, until you got in a bar fight with the wrong guy on your 18th birthday and were given the choice.  you put the wrond guy in the hospital and got to make the choice, 2 years wearing green or 5 wearing stripes.  you got out when your contract expired and after 2 years of stoplosses in afganistan.  no more jarheads in green uniforms

Mage – Charlie
you love magic.  you always wanted to platy Magic users, you read unearthed arcana you played mage not vampire.  you even learned stage magic and read aleistare crowley

Rogue- Rigel
your homelife was fucked all your freinds houses became your home, your tough and you can use a box cutter if not the dagger you have today, you can hotwire a car although that isnt much use now.  you can pick a basic lock and you have learned to be near invisible when you were avoiding your dad's fists

Cleric- Scott

 you dropped out of seminary and bummed around smoking weed cause you lost your faith, in a world where magic and gods are apparent and proven you may have a difficult relationship with authority but you have no problems with Faith. 


other PC ideas 


you always liked perfoming carousing and annoying everyone with how likable you were, whether in NY 2010 or middle earth bards amount to the same sort.  you help keep your friends together while not the GM of the gaming sessions since Highschool you always show up and usually talk everybody into going to the bar after.

You grew up in the city  you never got out into the woods then you took a job in alaska fishing, and finidn it was not suited to you living in such close quarters so you headed home slowly.   much but after hitchiking across country with new age hobos
but people, except for your friends always felt uncomfortable


everyone figures that a guy who is 300 pounds of fat and muscle has got to be dumb and jolly or tried to get in fights with you cuase you look big and tough. you were the big nice guy, uncomfortable in your own skin.   you really liked the being a barbarian you got to fill your skin grab some guys mead when you wanted more hit on his girl and make her blush and hit that hammer bell game so hard it shut up the girl who made fun of everyone else 

Tall and african american you got good in the dojo when you were a kid, your mom wanted you to focus to stay out of trouble.  you got cool and collected more than bad ass.  you earned your black belt in aikido and then started in on bruce lees git kwon do.  You got a job as a body guard for a while but got treated more like a butler


General information

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