Current Game

first session: rough landing

rough landing/ burning plaque/a walk in the woods



Appear in sterling forest with broken coaster cart
find town of sterling forest

Sterling Forest
 burning red plague
 dutch – Massacred Orcs – broken claw clan –
 peter stuyvesant v – military commander
 Mr Robert Mandius – mayor
 Father Harsh Prudence.
befriend kobolds
head north with them

Kobolds- Mohicans 
 Modok – kobold war band leader 2d4 hd 
  hugo – kobold shaman bard level 1
 12 warriors
 10 women 6 children

East mountain state park MA – Caves near the quaker town of New providence

Oruks – Iriquois
Rigel defeats Grog the war band leader under illusion of being an ork
Grod his "cousin"  stayed to show them to the 

gave grod and kobolds instructions and then headed east towards the shore.
taking hugo the lvl 1 bard

stopping in camp half moon at the the half moon inn.

the locals are amazed at the talking Kobold

resupply and rest then head east towards the city of Bahstown 


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